Dan Ring - On Hans Dommasch

Hans Dommasch was a Professor of Photography at the University.  He actually, before that, was the, I believe, the photographer, medical imaging photographer for the College of Medicine.  Hans came from Germany to Canada I think in the 50s, and I think was very important in the establishing of a Department of Photography at the University.  He also collected photography.  We did an exhibition called The Silver Image of great works, daguerreotypes, a whole range of photographs that Hans had collected over the years.  And [he] just recently had a small show at the Mendel.  He’s in his 80s and he’s still working.  So I don’t know what that says about western Canadian artists.  They just live longer than most people.  So Hans is still working and still active.  I just saw him at our opening on Friday night.

Duration: 1:19 min
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