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Well Ernie was the focus to a certain degree, Ernie Lindner, of the Saskatoon art scene in the '40s and '50s.  He, of course, came from Austria in the 1890s I believe, and settled outside of Saskatoon, worked as an agricultural labourer.  He had some art training from Vienna, it might have been minimal I can’t remember, but he was basically drawing a lot in that sort of 19th century tradition, buildings and so on and so forth, sort of street scenes.  When he came to Saskatoon…he obviously had a great sort of natural talent for that and he kept on working at it.  Eventually he became a drawing instructor at the Saskatchewan Technical School.  Ernie had actually a focus in his early work on topographical and local scenes, but by the '40s was getting into a more fantastic, kind of imaginative style of artwork that focused on kind of dream-like images of the landscape, somewhat akin to maybe late 19th century European symbolism.  And then after his Emma Lake experience with Greenberg and some of the other artists, he began to work in a different style where his images became much more looser and spread across the surface of the work.  Occasionally quite often would work from projections of images and then dissolve them to a certain degree to create a somewhat sort of a tension between the abstract and the real.  But fundamentally he never really lost his connection with the human figure;  he was very interested in that.  And with very highly detailed depictions of the processes of nature.

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