Charley Farrero - Sajoi

Sajoi is one of the first pieces that came out of L’Agamine which is my wood-fire kiln. It is a round shaped vase that was in the front of the kiln. And when I first got into doing some wood-fired pottery in Japan, I went to Mr. Kei Fujiwara who was actually, he is dead right now, he is a really important person in Bizen type pottery in Japan, who invited there 10 Canadians for supper and we went to his gallery. He had a piece that really attracted me, so I picked it up…we were allowed…but I picked it up and it was really heavy and really thought that it was beautiful that it was like porcelain, and I asked “how was that fired?” And he said it is fired in a wood kiln for five days. So I said I like that process, because of the colours that were on it and it was kind of a rounded shape, a little bit like Sajoi, so that was a piece that was really important to me in that sense. And of course he said to me also “you know that piece is worth $20,000” so I put it back slowly on the shelf. It was also really heavy, it was just the form and as a potter I was expecting to make thin forms, so he changed my complete esthetics of what was important - was the form, the outside form because it had a really small neck. So it did not follow what I’d learn in terms of the weight and balance of the piece. So it changes a little bit my values about what a beautiful piece is.

Duration: 2:20 min
Size: 10007kb

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