Charley Farrero - How Meacham Became an Artist Community

This little community of Meacham has become such an artistic community. Meacham had two artists before I moved in. One was Greg Hardy, a painter that had a little summer painting house here…still had a studio in Saskatoon. And another one was a woodworker, Irving Lowe, that was part-time wordworkers, but that was the extent of it. And then we bought the place from Irving Lowe and then other people started moving in. They asked us, “are there some houses available, some studios?” and yes! At the time in the ‘80s it was pretty cheap accommodation, studios…I mean, this studio was a materials store before, and went bankrupt so I bought it, but I had another studio downtown and we had a lot of other artists, Anita Rocamora being one of them, and now we have music with Lee Ward that’s you know music…recording. We have the Dancing Sky Theater, we have Jeff Stewart moved in (another potter that does firing), so we had several. And it has become…because you know the farming communities when people retire now from their farm they don’t move to Meacham like they used to. They move to Saskatoon or Humboldt. The other people that were here were people working at the mine, you know renting houses here. But now there is a lot more houses available in Colonsay and Viscount which are closer to the potash mines, so a lot of houses became available and a lot of artists moved in here.

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