Charley Farrero - Getting Started

Yes, actually I grew up in France and I was born and raised in Paris. I did my studies in mathematics and then when I immigrated to Canada I was a systems analyst for the Saskatchewan Government in the beginning of the ‘70s. Then I took some interest classes in pottery at the Extension department in Regina, and from then on Mel Bolen was teaching there and offered me a job as a studio assistant. And at the time, I didn’t have too many responsibilities, so I accepted and dropped my job that at the time was making $1,400 a month to [become] a studio assistant, to $150 a month and all the clay I could eat!

I was fascinated by throwing on the wheel, so I did a lot of throwing. But also Marilyn Levine was teaching there so I was interested in other forms or influence. Plus at the time Gilhooley and Joe Fafard and all these guys were there, so the influence from the Funk movement in ceramics [was] coming to Regina at the time.

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