Charley Farrero - Gayoons

Gayoons - the transformation of a form to an androgynous form or shape which is a male or female. I have expanded my search into that form to be part of installations, cultures, or to be individually existing by themselves. They do represent certain … it is not for me to say for me they are what I make. People have taken them as they are fecundity forms or as Buddhas or as sumo wrestlers or as fatties or whatever. I want to interact with the public when I make them and just transfer a feeling of communication with the public when they look at them. Of course one day I will place into a different installation, on top of a baguette or inside of a little car or boat on wheel. They do have a more immediate message so this is more like a little family of two traveling, going camping in a boat, so it creates a feeling with the public and with the viewer.

Duration: 1:58 min
Size: 8461kb

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