Charley Farrero - Being Part of the Transformation

Pull up the damper to what? two and a half? three-quarters? No one-half…ok…

Firing in a wood fire kiln is a collaboration between yourself and the form and the fire. It’s the closest you will become to transforming your pot into a finished product. Because if you are working on an electric kiln you are not really part of the process of the transformation. You know, you just turn the switch up and hope it is going to happen. The pots that came out were Sajoi and some other pots that were fairly spectacular. We cried when we opened the kiln, it was so beautiful. First we cried when we finished firing because it had been such a community experience, too. Some people never had wood fired before…never had that closeness that I was talking about before to the firing process…I mean had…and a couple other people too, but people just said wow this is incredible, and then the pots came out and they were really really beyond expectation. I mean you don’t know it from the time you fire a wood fire kiln ... And it worked - with our half knowledge, half intuitive, half intuition…but we did it.

Duration: 2:24 min
Size: 10476kb

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