Bruce Anderson - The Art of Craft

A lot of people like to talk about it being a new thing, that traditionally craft media have been used to make quote unquote fine art. And there has been a lot of discussion back and forth in this sort of craft versus art thing over the decades, and often quite heated. But traditionally certainly there have been clay sculptures that have been used as finished sculptures as well as more recently with clay sort of becoming the process towards ultimate bronze casting. And so when I look at the work that I do, it is a traditional craft medium in some ways but it is a traditional sculpture medium as well. I’ve used glazes that were developed as part of the craft industry by the craft companies Duncan and Cerama-Chrome … and the whoever the other famous, or the best known suppliers of ceramic have been … and used them and perfectly matched to the theme of Pop Art because that is what those materials were developed as part of, that industrialization of art and craft and so on. So, clay is a perfect medium to talk about things like that.

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