Bruce Anderson - Swift Current Big Sky

I grew up in a series of small towns in northern Alberta. And then when I was in Grade 8 we moved to Swift Current. My mom still lives there, so I kind of of consider that my hometown. And of course that’s where I went to high school and that is a pretty important part in anybody’s life in terms of their formative years. I worked at a few summer jobs around the southwest and I sort of absorbed that landscape as one of my reference points. So even though I have lived other places a lot longer than I lived in Swift Current, it feels like kind of home country. The impact of that big sky, that big wide open country certainly presents you with a different type of feeling. I don’t know whether it’s a greater sense of a vulnerability or a greater sense of potential. It probably…depending on your mood…it probably bounces back and forth, but that ability to see and perceive things from distance is at the very least a different type of observation point.

Duration: 1:24 min
Size: 6498kb

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