Bruce Anderson - Post-Modern Approach to Art

Well I think it’s really easy to see the influences that have contributed to my work. I think the body of work that I have done covers a lot of different stuff but it is all contemporary. It is a post-modern kind of look at the world, but you can certainly see the influences of realism and photorealism and Funk and Pop Art and that sort of thing in the work I do. There is probably lots of popular culture references that you could bring to it, and I think that’s a function of the time. We’re inundated with images, and images in rapid succession to the point where things become juxtaposed that wouldn’t ordinarily be juxtaposed, and you develop these relationships. And I think maybe the most recent work that I am doing might reflect that fairly accurately, where I have done two panels…these are paintings that I am talking about now…and there are two panels and they could probably stand alone, but when you put the two incongruous elements together something else starts to happen. So I would say that that is definitely a function of the contemporary world and it’s definitely a post-modern kind of approach to art.

Duration: 1:44 min
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