Bruce Anderson - Making Sparks

With the sculptures that are like Making Sparks which you guys are including in the ARTSask library, I was talking about, there are a couple of things. First thing you are going to see is sort of the notion of the use of found materials and the ideas that are involved with that, of concern for the environment and recycling and reusing and that sort of thing. But beyond that, it wasn’t just that I was making a green statement: I was making the same kind of references that Pop artists made. I was particularily intruiged by the signage and the decals and the advertising that existed on all of this packaging that I was using as a reference, and sort of the creative, the art aspect of that sort of stuff as well. With that stuff it was definitely figurative. In the most simplistic terms, I suppose I was saying that you are what you consume, you know, represented by the packaging that is there. And with that particular piece you’ve got two sort of hammer heads that are coming together on the ends of arms that would probably create a spark but the body is made up of a flammable material. So that I was speaking within the context of the amount of garbage that we create, the amount of product that we create that’s more or less useless, we’re unaware that we’re actually kind of biting the hand that feeds us or setting the stage for our own demise just as you would if you lit a match while you are holding a can of gas in one hand…that same sort of idea.

Duration: 2:05 min
Size: 8887kb

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