Bruce Anderson - Art Career Has Been Fun

I did not get a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I started out and I got a BA in history and decided I had an interest in visual art and saw some opportunities to take some classes. I hadn’t really thought about it, to tell you the truth, as something that someone does. It didn’t even really enter my imagination as something that you would pursue as a career or even as a real serious hobby. And it just kind of snuck up on me on the basis of people I met and people that were involved in art and people that were taking classes and it looked like fun…and it’s 30 years later or 40 years later. There are fun aspects of it and there are extremely challenging aspects of it. It’s the greatest thing in the world in a sense that you can make anything you want, but it’s the most intimidating thing in the world too because you can make anything you want. There are no hard and fast rules necessarily.

Duration: 1:21 min
Size: 6100kb

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