Brian James - Understanding Your Craft

[playing the guitar]  It’s really funny to understand what you’re working with because it takes, I think it takes a tremendous amount of patience for some things.  Like building these domes, for instance.  It’s a humungous lesson in patience and precision.  And there’s enough in there…I can understand how somebody could devote their life to making and focusing on one thing, because it takes a tremendous amount of effort and focus and precision to get it perfect.  And by no means are the models that I make anywhere near being perfect at all.  They’re very imperfect, but that’s because I’m so close to it; I can see all the flaws in it.  So when you see something built, like a table or anything, people can just dismiss it because it’s there and it’s made.  But to actually do it and build it, it’s a totally different story.  It’s understanding what you’re getting involved with and having enough patience to understand what you’re working with.

Duration: 1:43 min
Size: 7172kb

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