Brian James - Ozone Part 3

I’m in total awe when I’m out in Ochapawe when I’m walking to my friend’s place from the car.  And I look up, and it’s like this expanse.  It’s amazing how many stars that you can see out in the country that you can’t see in the city.  It gets me every time.  Anyway, so looking into this piece of metal, and it looks like space.  And the spatters of the spray paint are so small, they kind of look like stars.  So now this is a window looking into space.  I can’t remember where I saw it…there was an image of Earth from Voyager or something like that, and it’s just this tiny dot on all of these stars.  And it said kingdoms come and go…fallen…and you are this speck of dust that is in this…we tend to think of ourselves…we’re very ego-driven creatures.  But when you change the scale, we’re actually pretty small compared to what’s out there.  So that got me thinking a little bit more, what would space look like if I was out there, really out there looking in.  So then I got to thinking about that, and then this spray paint that’s on there too kind of looks like these gasses that are out in outer space.  I just got carried away with the scale of it and fell into it.

Duration: 1:59 min
Size: 8469kb

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