Brian James - Ozone Part 2

And at some point this seed was planted in my mind, even before I came to Regina, about postage stamps.  I wanted to make low-light, long-exposure pictures of people sleeping in a chair, or whatever, but the highlights of the clothing, or whatever, but just really low-lit, like the dawning of the day light, image surrounded by the serrated edge of a postage stamp.  And I don’t know why exactly, but I just had this image in my mind, and it just sat there for years.  So, here’s my opportunity.  So cutting the edges of the plywood was easy.  It was using a jigsaw or a hole saw, or whatever.  It was easy.  The gyprock, that was kind of a disaster.  There was plaster dust flying all over the place, so that was kind of a bust.  But this sheet of black iron sheet metal posed a humungous challenge.  So I bought a hole saw that was a carbide tip or titanium tip hole saw and started cutting these holes in this sheet metal.  And it’s pretty thick.  I can’t remember what gauge it is, but it’s pretty thick.  And I was pretty successful in the first few…I think there was 52 holes to cut, something like that.  And so here I am hitting…I measured out where they all needed to go, the centres.  And they had to be off-centre a little bit so I that could get the punch near the edge so that the pilot hole for the holesaw could go through the sheet metal.  So there I am, I’m one or two holes into it, and I’m, oh man, what have I gotten myself into here.  But I was determined to get it done.

Duration: 2:30 min
Size: 10886kb

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