Brian James - Ozone Part 1

It was my final year at SIFC art school, and I was working with Bob Boyer, and his only stipulations, it was a directed studies class, his only stipulations for the class were that I had to work with…I had to make three pieces and none of them could be smaller than four-feet by four-feet.  So he wanted me to work in large format.  Could be anything – I could have made a sculpture…but I chose plywood, a four-foot by four-foot piece of plywood, a four-foot by four-foot piece of gyprock and an eight-foot by four-foot piece of black iron sheet metal.  So I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  So I just sort of experimented with a little bit of materials.  On the plywood piece I did layers and layers and layers of…I would take graphite and I would do drawings on the plywood, and then I would do a layer of clear acrylic.  So there were all these layers and layers and layers of clear acrylic.  So you’d get this…you’d build up this, what’s the word, it’s like a thickness I guess on this painting and subsequently sat it aside and years later went back to it.

Duration: 1:59 min
Size: 8548kb

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