Brian James - Environment

The whole image itself is just…I think a change in scale…a change in scale to look from the outside in.  If we could see what we’re doing to ourselves from a different angle, from a different viewpoint…and I think that’s what artists do all the time, look at something from a different point of view.  There’s something refreshing, and maybe safe too, about looking in from the outside.  And maybe artists are outsiders….society – look outside, looking in.  So in the case of that image, I guess I’m safe outside looking in at what’s going on.  And maybe we should think more about what we’re doing.  Maybe we shouldn’t do what we’re doing.  Maybe we should think about…it’s the same adage of everybody’s thinking about it, but not really doing too much about it because it’s going to affect my life too much, it’s going to take more work to do with less, or to use used goods instead of buying new goods.  Collectively we could make a difference, but what are we really doing about it?  [plays the guitar]

Duration: 2:04 min
Size: 8625kb

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