Brian Gladwell - Energy Path

I think the stance of a piece of furniture is really important. How the furniture stands there on the floor, how it occupies space in a room. A piece of furniture that is powerful, that has a powerful presence, usually has a very dynamic feel to it. That means it’s probably not perfectly symmetrical. Symmetry is stasis in most cases. So how do you throw something off balance just a little bit, not so that it feels uncomfortable, but so that it feels like there is some movement taking place. And so when I am designing something, my starting point is getting a sense of the scale of the mass and where is the energy going in this piece? There is an energy path through the piece somewhere and I don’t have to know where it is coming from exactly or where it is going to ultimately, but how is it moving through this piece. And I think of that as the stance of the piece very much in relationship to the human stance…we’re like this, we’re like this, we’re like this…you know, all those different stances give a different sense of the energy and where it is going. This (arms at his side stance) energy isn’t going anywhere right? This (arms movement stance) there is some energy going through, so that’s something that I work very much with when I am doing these sculptural pieces.

Duration: 1:38 min
Size: 6826kb

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