Brian Gladwell - Cardboard vs Wood

So I am using cardboard, but I am treating it from a cabinet-maker's thought processes. So a box-maker takes cardboard and cuts it and folds it to make a box. I cut and join it to make a cabinet. So I am laminating up layers thick enough let’s say to make the side of the cabinet, and then I am using mitered cuts on the table saw to cut the pieces to join them at the corners and to make the little hip roof treatment on the top of it. The very same way you would do if you are making it out of wood. In wood you tend to pre-think things more. You think it through in advance much more carefully because once you go to the construction stage you’ve got perhaps a lot of money tied up in materials and quite a bit of time involved in the process. The cardboard, I could laminate it up quickly. I could cut my basic forms quickly, and so I could generate the basic shape very quickly. And if I wasn’t quite excited about this one, and I think it’s very important that you’re excited about it. I’m not saying if it wasn’t quite right, I am saying if it didn’t excite me…if I wasn’t excited about this, then I could change it. I could cut a bit off it, or if I wanted it bigger I could just go back and make another one. So I could work more intuitively I didn’t have to pre-think things through which results in a more static final result. Let me try this idea. Ok here it is…now we’re into receptive mode, is it working? Is it exciting? This is what we are going to change. We are back into projective mode. Okay we are going to make this work. And then when it’s getting where I want it to be, this is now where the time-consuming part comes in which is the finishing, the lacquering it. I was using automotive lacquer at the time. That’s a bit of a time-consuming process. There is sanding, there is masking, there is different colours involved, there is all kinds of fiddling around like that so when the project is completed there is still quite a bit of time in it, but it came in a different part of the process.

Duration: 2:22 min
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