From the development of the first simple tools in prehistoric times to today’s rapidly-paced, digitally-driven culture, humans have sought new and improved tools and machines.  These technological advancements have grown out of a desire to control the natural environment and to enhance personal well-being.

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Kim Adams
Dual Curbing Machine
Ryan Arnott
Untitled (Eggbeater / Screwdriver) #2
Joanne Bristol
Gopher Hole, North Bank of South Saskatchewan Year 2001
Rosalie Favell
Pillow Box Suite
Murray Favro
Untitled (1973)
Nobuo Kubota
John Noestheden
Ron Noganosh
Forget Me Not
Rick Pottruff
Camcorder and Electric Toothbrush
Jeff Wall
Jewish Cemetery
Canadian Heritage University of Regina Mackenzie Art Gallery Mendel Art Gallery Sask Learning