It is often assumed that art is like play. From the time we are very young, we are told in classrooms that art time is a kind of relaxed time, where many rules cease to apply; we are invited to use the creative parts of our brains, and to let go of the rational parts. We are asked to experiment, to try new things, to have fun and to explore our world through colour, shape, and line. We are invited not to worry so much about structure.

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Eli Bornstein
Multiplane Structurist Relief V, No. 1
Stewart A. Brown
Stanley Brunst
Untitled (ship's smokestack)
Stanley Ellis Day
Rubens Gerchman
Liz Magor
Bernie Miller
In a State
Robert Murray
Study for Saskatoon
Jack Shadbolt
The Space Between Columns (Blue)
Brian Wood
Well, 1981
Canadian Heritage University of Regina Mackenzie Art Gallery Mendel Art Gallery Sask Learning