Regional Identity

It is equally true, I should add, that as some countries have too much history, we have too much geography. – W. L. Mackenzie King, Prime Minister, House of Commons, June 18, 1936
Where is here? – Northrop Frye, "Haunted by lack of ghosts,” in The Educated Imagination, 1977

If it is true, as Mackenzie King stated, that Canada has too much geography, then not just artists, but politicians, economists, historians, journalists and others have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to identify and explain where “here” is. Like the search for the mysterious Sasquatch, the quest for the elusive Canadian Identity is one of the things that mark us as Canadians.

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Greg Curnoe
Hockey Stick Blades from West Lions Park, London
Hans Dommasch
My World 14th Floor, 430 5th Ave. N. Park Avenue Parking, December 2003
My World 15th Floor, 430 5th Ave. N. Bessborough, Spadina Cres., May 2004
Rick Gorenko
Early Mercantile Setting
Lawren Harris
Untitled (Mountains near Jasper)
George Jenkins
The Old Toal Place
Luke Lindoe
Untitled (abandoned buildings)
David Milne
Palgrave Station
Graeme Patterson
The House (Woodrow)
Orest Semchishen
Clement Powder in his Trapping Cabin, Calling Lake, Alberta, March 1985
Julia and Violet Pierre, near Indian Cabins, Alberta, August 1987
Alex Wyse
Parliamentary Desk Thumper
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