Recorders and Keepers

Search the Internet using the phrase “keep your memories alive” and you’ll be swamped by websites about storing  digitalA system of representing images or objects through numbers. These numbers can then be re-interpreted by another digital system to generate light and sound.  photos, scrapbooking, keeping a diary, journaling,  drawingDepiction of shapes and forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines. Colour and shading may be included. A major fine art technique in itself, drawing is the basis of all pictorial representation, and an early step in most art activities. Though an integral part of most painting, drawing is generally differentiated from painting by the dominance of line over mass. There are many sorts of drawing techniques, varying according to the effect the artist wants, and depending on whether the drawing is an end in itself — an independent and finished work of art -- or a preliminary to some other medium or form — although distinct from the final product, such drawings also have intrinsic artistic value. Preliminary drawings include various exercises (e.g., contour drawing, gesture drawing, figure drawing, drawing from the flat), as well as sketches and studies, cartoons and underdrawings. (  or  paintingWorks of art made with paint on a surface. Often the surface, also called a support, is either a tightly stretched piece of canvas or a panel. How the ground (on which paint is applied) is prepared on the support depends greatly on the type of paint to be used. Paintings are usually intended to be placed in frames, and exhibited on walls, but there have been plenty of exceptions. Also, the act of painting, which may involve a wide range of techniques and materials, along with the artist's other concerns which effect the content of a work. (  images of things we want to remember, restoring old buildings, repairing and preserving family heirlooms, quilting, and yes, choosing the right grave marker.

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Madeleine Lorimer Barnett
A Prairie Mother
Victor Cicansky
The Pink Pantry
George Csato
Portrait of Mrs. Clare K. Mendel
Frederick S. Mendel
James Henderson
Sun Walking - Blackfoot
Portrait of
Leo Mol
Frederick S. Mendel
Portrait of Mrs. Clare K. Mendel
Thelma Pepper
Evangeline's Mother
Frances Robson
Nurses from Loon Lake Union Hospital, Joyce Hueller C.N.A., Kathy Montcrief R.N.
Hilda Stewart
Portrait of Emily Edwards
Untitled (Bishop Hallam)
David Thauberger
Dance Hall
Canadian Heritage University of Regina Mackenzie Art Gallery Mendel Art Gallery Sask Learning