Interior Places

This theme explores interior spaces. Interiors can be private physical spaces for human habitation, but they can also be interior spaces – spaces of the body that reflect aspects of human existence and the human spirit. Both kinds of spaces accommodate the human body in some way; the first with the physical aspects of protection and refuge, and the second the life of the human mind and spirit.

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Lynne Cohen
Classroom (Hercules Bomber)
Caroline Dukes
MacGregor Hone
Obscure Figment
Molly Lamb Bobak
Interior with Moroccan Carpet
Ronald McLellan
The New Mysticism
Daphne Odjig
Big One and the Bad Medicine Woman
Don Proch
Delta Night Mask - Homage à Kelly Clarke
Sandy Skoglund
Fox Games
Jeremy Smith
Tony Urquhart
Fourteen Rings
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