Imaging Conflict

Conflict has been a  subjectA topic or idea represented in an art work.  for visual artists since early humans painted representations of animals on the walls of caves. Back then, as you can probably guess, the conflict was between man and beast, and the concern was: “Who will be lunch today, the hunter or the hunted?”

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Tammi Campbell
Imperfection Series
Jerry Didur
Bugattis at Pikes Peak
John Esler
Tivi Etok (Etook)
Caribou and Wolf II
Larry Fink
Boxing, Blue Horizon, Philadelphia #3-16
Boxing, Blue Horizon, Philadelphia #10-31/32
Alison Norlen
Parade Series (Float II)
Moe Reinblatt
Cain and Abel
Nancy Spero
Goddess and Centaur
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