As we mature we develop our individual personalities and identities. Identities are formed and established by any number of experiences related to family, upbringing, country of origin, cultural background, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic situation, language, gender, sexual orientation, talents, interests, peer group, occupation and education. We eventually each find our own unique place within our home, community, nation and universe.

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Don Hall
Still Life #1, 2 and 3
Brent Hume
Untitled (Gordon Auction)
Jeannie Mah
Regina as Marienbad: memory + resemblance (father + daughter)
Sheila Orr
Jane Ash Poitras
Rebirth of the Four Coyote Spirits
Taras Polataiko
You and the Artist
Frances Robson
Saskatoon Quilt Guild
Canadian Heritage University of Regina Mackenzie Art Gallery Mendel Art Gallery Sask Learning