What makes something humorous? Often we laugh at truths that are hidden and then cleverly revealed in a humorous story, image or narrative. We laugh at the comics in the newspaper because artists combine simple images, exaggeration and text with ordinary everyday events that help us laugh at ourselves. Sometimes we will laugh because an artist has made a humorous connection between one image and another or given human qualities to objects or animals. Occasionally an event or image can be so ridiculous or absurd we cannot contain a smile. Puns, sarcasm or the use of irony in the titles and the images of artworks can also be employed to produce a humorous effect. Sometimes humorous images can provide a new twist on an old idea or a different way of seeing the world.

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Ruth Cuthand
Living Post-Oka Kind of Woman
Rick Gorenko
In Advance of the Suburbs
Carel Moiseiwitsch
Strategies for Survival
Leesa Streifler
Adaptations #58
David Thauberger
Driving Rain
Joyce Wieland
O Canada
Morgan Wood
Hands Off My Genes
Jin-me Yoon
Souvenirs of the Self (Rocky Mountain Road Trip)
Russell Yuristy
Oh No!
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