Without industrialization, where people moved from producing objects and performing work by hand in small communities to using machines, factories, and complex tools and systems within cities, life in Saskatchewan would be much more difficult. Technology has advanced and provided we who live in Saskatchewan with the ability to live, sheltered and warm, through our winters. Thanks to mass-production and a complex and sophisticated transport system, we can also enjoy foods that could not possibly be grown in local weather.

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Grant Arnold
Untitled 1980
Lorne Beug
Monument to a Wonder City
Eli Bornstein
Paris Arches
Edward Burtynsky
Shipbreaking #1
Oil Refinery #18
Rick Gorenko
William John James
Camp 2, The Pas Lumber Company, Manitoba
Pearse and Edworthy Lumber Mill, Peesane, Saskatchewan
Ernest Lindner
The Age of Power Steam Electricity Atomic
The Age of Plenty
Leslie Gale Saunders
Untitled (gas station)
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