Environmental Matters

There has always been a strong connection between the visual arts and the environment.  After all, in the broadest sense, the environment is everything we see around us. This helps explain why the landscape,and the creatures that inhabit it, has always been a “natural”  subjectA topic or idea represented in an art work.  for artists to portray in their works. Artworks of this kind illustrate our connections with nature, and support our feelings of connectedness with the wider world.  And, at the very least, such works encourage us to appreciate the natural world in which we live.

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Jackson Beardy
Balance in Nature
Eleanor Bond
Rock Climbers meet with Naturalists on the Residential Parkade
Edward Burtynsky
Three Gorges Dam Project, Wan Zhou #1
Betty Goodwin
Nest and Stone No. 2
Greg Hardy
Smoke from the Mine
Brian James
Marsha Kennedy
Setting X
Doug Kirton
Toxic Pool Group III
Medrie MacPhee
Liz Magor
Sleeper #4
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