Earth Science and Art

One of Canada’s Prime Ministers, Mackenzie King (seen here), once remarked, “some countries have too much history; we have too much geography.” King, one of the country’s longest-serving Prime Ministers, had many opportunities to experience Canada’s vast distances and empty space, partly because he also had to wrestle with the political differences of Canada’s different regions, differences that are shaped in part by the country’s geography.

Mackenzie King
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Lorne Beug
Slice of Earth
Marsha Delouchery
Ralph, Saskatchewan
Ernest Luthi
Manitou Beach
Henry Martin
Foot of Niagara
Toni Onley
Icefield/Glacier Suite
Ruth Pawson
Wheat Fields and Coulee (Near Indian Head)
Joan Rankin
Peggy's Cove #3
Inglis Sheldon-Williams
Vimy Ridge
Indian Overlooking Valley
David Thauberger
Lucy Tutsweetok
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