All about Eve

When we think about art, we often visualize colourful paintings and magnificent buildings, scuptures and objects, and when we study the history of art, we normally focus on ‘beautiful things’ produced by artisans, architects and artists, commissioned by royalty, the Church or wealthy patrons. What we don’t often think about in our exploration of art is the gender of the artists and artisans who produced these commissioned artworks. Indeed, the gender was, over the past several centuries, predominantly male.

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Giselle Amantea
Mabel k.
Rebecca Belmore
True Grit, A Souvenir
Patrick Close
Martha Cole
Elemental Blue: Water
Gathie Falk
Dress With Crossed Ankles
Phyllis Godwin
Three Graces
Brenda Pelkey
Maxine Coleman's Quiet Refuge
Jana Sterbak
Martha Townsend
Burying Eve
Margaret Vanderhaeghe
The Sleep of Reason
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