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Acrylic and fibre pen on masonite painting
Acrylic and glitter on canvas
Acrylic and oil on canvas
Acrylic and oil on wood panel
Acrylic enamel on plexiglas, aluminum
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas board
Acrylic on canvas, acrylic paint, beads, plastic filament
Acrylic on plywood
Acrylic, encaustic, feathers, jute flax on canvas
Acrylic, glitter and nails on canvas
Acrylic, photograph on canvas
Acrylic, sand on canvas
Acrylic, varnish, rhinestones on wood
Aluminum, enamel paint
Aluminum, rubber
Ash, wood, glass
Birch bark
Black and white ink on paper
Black and white photo collage
Black and white photograph
Black and white photograph on paper
Bound mixed media book
Bronze cast
Bronze, patina, acrylic paint
Bronze, stone and copper cable
CIBA chrome transparency on aluminum display case with florescent light
Cardboard, dowels, lacquer, hinges
Cast silicone, doll's head
Cast-iron bed frame, basswood, casein, acrylic, and photographs
Charcoal on paper
Chromogenic print
Cibachrome print
Clay and glaze and wood
Colour photocopy on fabric
Colour photograph
Colour photograph on paper
Colour photographs and oil on Masonite
Colour relief print
Colour woodcut on paper
Computer-generated colour print on paper / sandblasted Plexiglas, original and enlarged second generation advertisements
Conte on paper
Conte, cotton stiching, rhinestones on black canvas
Cotton Sheets and installation, embroidered pillow cases
Dark gray stone
Day-Glo paint on paper
Denim jeans, porcupine quills, glue, gut line, thread
Eggbeater blade and screwdriver handle
Ektacolor RC prints on paper
Elvacite on canvas
Enamel & oil pastel on paper
Encaustic, tempera, sand, and acrylic on paper
Etching & aquatint on paper
Etching and relief on paper
Etching on paper
Etchings on hand-made abaca paper coated with acrylic emulsion
Fabric, feathers, wooden chair, acrylic
Fibre tipped pen on hide
Fibre-tipped pen drawing
Fibreglass and steel construction, interior construction fibreglass and fiber optics, drawing
Flock on flocked fabric
Framed photograph with pen and ink
Gelatin silver print on paper
Glass, wood, metal hardware, fabric, ink, crayon
Glazed and coloured clay
Glazed clay
Glazed porcelain
Glazed stoneware, steel, copper, lead, glass
Graphite on paper
Graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour on paper
Graphite, watercolour, coloured ink, coloured pencil, and acrylic on paper
Ink & charcoal on paper
Ink on paper
Laquer on aluminum
Linocut on paper
Lithograph & watercolour on paper
Lithograph on paper
Lithograph print
MDF, colour photographs laminated on aluminum
Mixed media
Mixed media assemblage
Mixed media on canvas
Mixed media x installation
Mixed media/installation
Monoprint on paper
Motion picture film strips, coloured gel, fluorescent light, wood, metal, plexiglass
Multi media installation
Nails, stone, metal wire, magnets, nest
Offset type, aquatint and embossing on paper
Oil & acrylic on canvas
Oil & mixed media on panel
Oil and acrylic, diptych
Oil and alkyd on canvas
Oil on Masonite panel
Oil on board
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas board
Oil on hollow-core mahogany door
Oil on masonite
Oil on paper
Oil, acrylic and latex on hardboard
Oil, etched glass on panel
Oil, lucite on canvas
Paint and charcoal on paper
Painted and textured wood, ceramic, bone, metal, fibre, plastic
Painted wood, glass & mixed media
Papier-mâché, acrylic paint, varnish
Pencil crayon, oil pastel, spray enamel, sealed with clear acrylic on black iron sheet metal
Photo-based light boxes
Plaster cast
Plaster, resin, vegetables
Porcelain with underglazes and photocopy transfers, MDF shelf (by Brian Gladwell) with gesso and acrylic mirror and clips
Relief on paper
Screenprint on paper
Serigraph on paper
Shovel, gold wedding band
Silkscreen print on paper
Silver print on photographic paper
Silver prints
Steel and wood
Steel, sheet metal, power transmission components
Stonecut on paper
Stoneware, wood fired
Transmounted colour print
Unbleached cotton, assorted other fabrics, coloured pencil, cotton/rayon/polyester threads, needle punch polyester batting
Video and mixed media installation
Video installation
Watercolour on ivory
Watercolour on paper
Welded steel
Wood and glazed ceramic
Wood, enamel, coloured pencil on masonite
Woodcut on paper
Wooden 3-drawer cabinet, cotton flour sacks, moose antlers, Christmas tree decorations, 8” cast iron frying pan, enamel bowl, bannock, assorted hard candy
Wool and cotton
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