Mendel Art Gallery

A Genuine Simulation of... (7 panels)
Suzy Lake
Artist as Activist
A Man Will Be Coming For This Wood Tomorrow & My Grandfather's Place at Red Pheasant
Allen Sapp
Parliamentary Desk Thumper
Alex Wyse
Regional Identity
A Prairie Mother
Madeleine Lorimer Barnett
Recorders and Keepers
Blood on the Snow
Rebecca Belmore
Artist as Activist
Boxing, Blue Horizon, Philadelphia #3-16 & Boxing, Blue Horizon, Philadelphia #10-31/32
Larry Fink
Imaging Conflict
Bugattis at Pikes Peak
Jerry Didur
Imaging Conflict
Cain and Abel
Moe Reinblatt
Imaging Conflict
Camp 2, The Pas Lumber Company, Manitoba & Pearse and Edworthy Lumber Mill, Peesane, Saskatchewan
William John James
Caribou and Wolf II
Tivi Etok (Etook)
Imaging Conflict
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