Victor Cicansky

About the Artist

Cicansky at work

Victor Cicansky (seen here with some of his work) is a Regina, Saskatchewan-based  sculptorA three-dimensional work of art, or the art of making it. Such works may be carved, modeled, constructed, or cast. Sculptures can also be described as assemblage, in the round, and relief, and made in a huge variety of media. A sculptor is one who creates sculptures. (  who works primarily in  clayMud; moist, sticky dirt. In ceramics, clay is the basic material, usually referring to any of a certain variety of mixtures of such ingredients — fine-grained, firm earthy material that is plastic when wet, brittle when dry, and very hard when heated. There is a temperature with ceramic clays at which their particles fuse (vitrification), and this is most commonly controlled by heating (firing) them in a kiln. The most common types of ceramic clays are earthenware (terra cotta when fired, terra cruda when not), stonewares, and porcelain. (  and bronze. His interest in clay began in the 1960s and continues to the present. He was one of a number of prominent Regina Clay artists who blended the California Funk  styleA way of doing something. Use of materials, methods of working, design qualities and choice of subject matter reflect the style of the individual, culture, movement, or time period.  with their own vision. Often his sculptural works have a  satiricalThe use of humour as a way to ridicule the ignorance or vice of another person or group.  or humorous element, and they strongly reflect his prairie cultural roots.

Cicansky at work

In his  bronzeAny of various alloys of copper and tin, sometimes with tin or other metals. It has commonly been used in casting. A work cast in bronze is sometimes referred to as a bronze. It may also refer to the color of bronze, a moderate yellowish to olive brown.(  work, he continues his garden  imageryAn image is a picture, idea, or impression of a person, thing, or idea; or a mental picture of a person, thing, or idea. The word imagery refers to a group or body of related images. (  and blends it, in unexpected ways, to produce a variety of sculptural objects and furniture pieces. Cicansky exhibits his work nationally and internationally and his artwork is included in many well-known art collections.


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