Sherry Farrell Racette

About the Artist

Sherry Farrell Racette was born in Manitoba and is a member of the Timiskaming First Nation in Quebec. She is of Métis ancestry. Throughout her career as an artist, illustrator and educator, Farrell Racette has made contributions to the art and cultural communities in Canada, and has a reputation for promoting Aboriginal history and Aboriginal women's histories in her artwork.  She is currently (in 2007) living in Montreal, Quebec and teaching Art History at Concordia University.

Sherry Farrell Racette received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.  She did her graduate work in Education at the University of Regina and received an  InterdisciplinaryCombining a number of areas of study--disciplines--in one practice, for example, visual art, music, and theatre.  Doctorate degree from the University of Manitoba.  Farrell Racette excels as an artist as well as a scholar, educator and book illustrator.  Some of the books she has illustrated are; The Flower Beadwork People, Stories of the Road Allowance People, Flies to the Moon and Little Voice

In 2005, Farrell Racette co-curated an exhibition for the Saskatchewan Arts Board titled Clearing the Path: An Exhibition of Traditional  IndigenousNative; produced, growing, or living, naturally in a country or climate; not exotic; not imported. (The Online Plain Text English Dictionary)  Art.  This exhibition celebrated the art of  contemporaryCurrent, belonging to the same period of time. Usually referring to our present time, but can refer to being current with any specified time. (  Aboriginal artists working with traditional  mediaAny material and technique used to produce a work of art (paint, glass, clay, fibre, video, sound, etc.). It may also refer to the liquid with which powdered pigments are mixed to make paint. Note that the plural form of “medium” is “media.”  and the Saskatchewan Centennial.

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