Rick Pottruff

About the Artist

Rick Pottruff was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1945. He received his BA degree from McMaster University and studied at St. Martin’s School of Art at Oxford, England and the Central School of Art in London.

Rick Pottruff has been called a “speculative designer” for his fanciful and  ironicUsing the opposite to express what is really meant or expected. Irony can also be something absurd or laughable that occurs when what happens and what might be expected to happen are opposites.  drawings of technology gone amok. Pottruff is fascinated with the products of high technology and industry, and he explores what has been called a “dream world of design, where art and technology merge and mutate.” (Long, 1994).

In the 1980s Pottruff used images of military hardware and the urban industrial environment to create a landscape of technology gone out of control. He then turned to the interior of the middle-class home creating works he has termed his Landscape of Appliances.

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