Morgan Wood

About the Artist

Morgan Wood is an artist, writer, teacher, arts activist and curator.  Her work in these areas has been strongly influenced by her  First NationsFirst Nations is a contemporary term referring to the Indian peoples of Canada, both status and non-status (definition from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada). To find out more about Canada’s First Nations, go to: Assembly of First Nations: Village of First Nations: Canada’s First Nations: Wikipedia:   ancestry and culture. She is a non-status Stony Mountain  CreeThe largest group of First Nations in Canada, and part of the Algonquian language family. See the Canadian Encyclopedia for more information:  woman and was born in Southern Saskatchewan.  Her family originates from the Michel Callihou Band in Alberta and her Great Grandmother was Victoria Callihou, an important figure in the early history of the prairies.

Wood earned a Bachelor of Indian Art from the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (now the First Nations University of Canada), at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, and subsequently has been involved in many workshops and special studies.  She is currently (2007) writing a book entitled The Other Group of Seven.  Outside of her art practices, she has a number of other interests and skills including promoting the preservation of the environment, cross cultural training, counselling, developing budgets, banking, welding, hide tanning and quill work.

Besides her participation in numerous studio activities, Wood has been involved with galleries, curating exhibitions for a number of years. In 1997 she curated a show for the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina entitled Here and Now and in 1999 she co-curated with Lee-Ann Martin, a major exhibition at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan, called Exposed: Aesthetics of Aboriginal Erotic Art.  In addition, Wood participated in the Aboriginal Curatorial Residency in 2003 at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and while there she wrote Wildfire on the Plains: Contemporary Saskatchewan Art and Projects and Partnerships for Mendel Art Gallery publications.

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