Moe Reinblatt

About the Artist

The Canadian soldier and artist Moses “Moe” Reinblatt was born in 1917.  He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) during the Second World War, in 1942. The Historical Section of the RCAF organized art competitions for enlisted men, encouraging them to draw and paint their experiences.  In 1944, Reinblatt won one of these competitions after which he served as an official war artist in the Canadian military, until 1945. During this time, he created works that depicted the Canadian military struggle from a “behind-the-scenes” viewpoint.  His favoured subjects were the workers who handled and built the machinery of war.

In addition to Cain and Abel (the work presented here on the ARTSask website) in the Mendel Art Gallery collection, Reinblatt’s works may be found in collections across Canada, including those of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum. The works owned by both these institutions demonstrate how eager Reinblatt was to depict the Canadians who served not by fighting, but by building.  Weighing Down the Tail, New Brunswick (found at the Museum of Civilization) and Dismantling Bent Props (found at the Canadian War Museum) are images of workers. These images, however, are still violent, turbulent images.  Reinblatt has ruffled the clothing of the men and destabilized the lines in the works by adopting a futurist-inspired style.

When he returned to civilian life after the war, Reinblatt attended art school thanks to a Veteran’s Grant. He taught in Montreal, Quebec until he retired.  Moe Reinblatt died in 1979, at age 62.

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