John Will

About the Artist

John Will is an experienced painter with a long-established art practice. Chris Cran, featured on the ARTSask website in the Pop theme, is a painter and a friend of John Will’s. In an interview in 2001 published in FFWD Magazine, a Calgary, Alberta arts and culture journal, Chris Cran said the following:

When I entered his studio, I was shocked at what I beheld. What was left were a dozen or so paintings on which were the kind of words that one might see on the walls of a toilet stall or in a national newspaper. The idea that these things might appear on a gallery wall appalled me. (Cran, 2001)

Cran and Will have a joking relationship, and in the above quotation Cran is sarcastically pointing out that Will’s use of “toilet stall words” is intended to push what is acceptable in art, both in an artist’s choice of  contentThe subject matter of a work of art and what it suggests about that subject matter. This includes the ways in which that work of art can be plausibly interpreted.  and an artist’s level of technical skill.

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