Hans Dommasch

About the Artist

The award-winning photographer Hans Dommasch immigrated to Canada from his birthplace in Germany in the mid-1950s. Dommasch was 28 at the time and unemployed. Recognizing that he needed a skill, but unable to speak English, the young Dommasch enrolled in a correspondence course... in photography. He soon obtained a job at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as a photographer’s assistant. He would later graduate from the New York Institute of Photography, in New York, in 1959.

Wearing many hats, Dommasch has also been the head of Photographic Services for the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, and was even an Assistant Professor of Surgery. But Dommasch’s photographic prowess and his celebration of learning eventually earned him the position of Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan, where he also served as Department Head for nine years.

Dommasch’s  body of workA collection of artwork by a particular artist, either over a lifetime, or as related to one subject, etc.  is broad and diverse; while stressing the  documentaryAny artwork the purpose of which is to present facts objectively, without inserting fictional matter, recording and/or commenting on some content, often political or social, by accumulating factual detail. Many conceptual art installations of the 1970s were overtly documentary — e.g., Post-Partum Project by Mary Kelly (American), the various Reading Rooms by Joseph Kosuth (American, 1945-), Guggenheim Trustees by Hans Haacke (German, 1936-). More common examples: documentary films. Not to be confused with documentation. (Artlex.com)  aspects of photography, his work also demonstrates an understanding of change on the human level. His 1986 book Prairie Giants chronicles the shifting of the prairie landscape, and the  virtualExisting not in actual fact or form, but in essence or effect in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination or of illusion. (Artlex.com)  exhibition Hans S. Dommasch: Canada North of 60 consists of images of the landscapes and the people of Canada’s north. Recently, his work has focused on life from his own personal and dependent viewpoint, as he continues to take photographs at the age of 82.

On Hans Dommasch
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