David Hoffos

About the Artist

As David Hoffos tells the story, at age 11 he played in a 63-piece ukulele band and created his first stop-motion film LEGO vs. Plasticine. It marked the beginning of his fascination with increasingly complex multimedia works. (In an interview Hoffos listed film directors like Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Stephen Spielberg as his main artistic influences,)

Hoffos grew up in a suburb of Calgary, Alberta, but in his teens his family moved to Sydney, Australia. He failed high school in 1983. He applied to many film and art schools, but was rejected by them all. A brief biography says Hoffos did “almost nothing” during the years 1984 to 1990, when he moved to Lethbridge, Alberta, on a whim (unknown author, 2004). The move seems to have been a positive one. Hoffos entered the University of Lethbridge, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with great distinction in 1994.

“I was a late bloomer,” Hoffos says. “I started university when I was 24, so I was probably five or six years older than most of the students. I didn’t want to waste my money or the degree, so I had a plan that ‘I was going to get something out of this.’” (Salida, 2002)

Hoffos’  installationAn art work specially designed to fit in or to make use of a specific type of space. It usually consists of more than one element and relates to the space in which it is displayed.  work involves multiple channels of video, LCD displays, cyclorama and Cinerama screens with miniature cityscapes to create haunting, surprising and often interactive environments. Hoffos produces what amounts to tiny movie sets – often using toys and other items he picks up on eBay - and animates them with figures made of light.


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