Brent Hume

About the Artist

Brent Hume is a photographer and farmer who lives near Arcola in south-eastern Saskatchewan. He studied photography at David Thompson University Centre, in Nelson, British Columbia and he received a Photography Certificate in 1983.  He uses photography as a tool to communicate some of the devastating effects agricultural policies are having on rural communities in Saskatchewan.

In his photography Hume is also interested in capturing the people in his rural area and the places they congregate to share ideas and information. Locations like the farm auction, the café and the grain elevator are popular spots to congregate. As times change and big business takes over in agriculture, the family farm and rural way of life will likely become a thing of the past. Hume has spent nearly three decades documenting, for future generations to ruminate, the days and times that touch his rural life and the many personalities who have contributed in some small way to building the province.


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