Bernie Miller

About the Artist

Bernie Miller was born in Toronto, in 1948, a city he has long made his artistic home.  Miller attended the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1974 and receiving the Ontario College of Art Medal Representation. He maintains a prolific art practice, a career that has produced works in numerous collections including those of the Royal Bank, the Molson Brewing Company, the City of Toronto and the Mendel Art Gallery. Furthermore, he has created  public worksSee Public art.  by commission, such as his Learn to Throw Your Voice! Trumpet, Wall, and Drive-Unit from 1986 (at Harbourfront Lands, Toronto) and The Poet, The Fever Hospital for Toronto’s Metro Hall, 1992.

Miller’s scholarly pursuits include teaching at the University of Guelph, for which he designed the course “Industrial and  KineticExpressing movement. In art, kinetic refers to sculpture that moves, such as a mobile. (  Media”;  known as he was for his use of robotics, armatures, and motion in his sculpture, it was an ideal  subjectA topic or idea represented in an art work.  for him.  He has also curated the art works of others and presented lectures, with his current interests revolving around public memory and the intersection of memorials and art.

Regarding his approach to public sculpture, Miller writes: “Monumental works are  monumentalIn art criticism, any work of art of grandeur and simplicity, regardless of its size, although it often connotes great size. (  partly because they are works of some scale and partly because they are public works which deal with history and identity. There is always the problem of authority and the heroic in monumental works and yet I think that there is still a place for enduring works which participate in remembrance.”

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