Barbara Todd

About the Artist

Canadian born artist Barbara Todd, lives in Troy, New York and teaches at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She is originally from Galt, Ontario and studied at the University of Guelph where, in 1975, she graduated with a Honours Bachelor of  Arts in Fine Arts. In 1981 she moved to Banff, Alberta where she lived and worked for the next decade. In 1993 she moved to Montreal, Quebec and now (2009) spends her time between Montreal and Troy, New York.

Todd states about her choice of materials in her artwork,

I work in textiles in large part because of my attraction to old quilts, particularly their history of use. The material and historical aspects of  textileA cloth, usually made by weaving or knitting fiber or yarn; a fabric. Materials might include fibers of raffia, wool, cotton, linen, silk, or synthetics, among others. (  production are an important conceptual grounding for my work. The hand-crafted nature of the stitching and of tracing images onto a body's covering has offered a wealth of possibility in both  techniqueAny method of working with art materials to produce an art object. Often implied is the sense that techniques are carefully studied, exacting, or traditional, but this is not necessarily the case. Examples include basketry, blotting, carving, constructing, découpage, embossing, encaustic, exquisite corpse, firing, folding, hatching, kerning, laminating, marbling, modeling, necking. (   and content. Though quilted textile works continue to be the grounding metaphor, my work has taken the form of installations as well, including images painted directly onto the wall, photographs, sandblasted glass and water-cut steel.  (Canadian Museum of Civilization, Fact Sheet, 2002)

Todd is a  multi-disciplinaryCombining a number of areas of study--disciplines--in one practice, for example, visual art, music, and theatre.  artist who is best known for her Security Blanket series, one of which is presented here on the ARTSask website. Her works are widely exhibited and she is represented in many prominent museums and collections.


Barbara Todd and Security Blanket 57 Missiles
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