Ann Newdigate

About the Artist

Ann Newdigate's work often deals with the diversity of ideas relating to histories and the land.

Born in South Africa, Newdigate has a degree in African Studies and English Literature from the University of Cape Town. With English as her home language, she spoke Afrikaans and learned Xhosa, and her art has consistently explored the subtexts and codes of numerous visual languages. Through a multi-faceted practice that includes old technology - medieval-style  tapestryA woven piece of textile depicting pattern or narrative or symbolic images. A tapestry is composed of weft and warp threads, but in tapestry all warp threads are hidden and it is the weft threads which result in an image.  - and new, her prints and drawings address notions of value and authority through their dialogue with digitized references to textiles.

In South Africa, Ann Newdigate worked for organizations opposed to the apartheid system until political circumstances lead to her coming to Canada in 1966 where, shortly after arrival, she became very sick. On recovery she decided to become an artist. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon where she lived for 33 years.  Newdigate now lives and works on Hornby Island in British Columbia.

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