Mackenzie Art Gallery

The MacKenzie Art Gallery

The MacKenzie Art Gallery’s guiding principles are founded on a passionate commitment to the promotion of visual literacy, audience development, arts advocacy and broad accessibility to visual arts works in a Saskatchewan context. Active in public outreach and proactive in exploring the diversity of the province’s cultures, the gallery’s goals are to engage Saskatchewan audiences and beyond through innovative exhibitions and public programs centred on generating reflection about art and its importance in everyday life.

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Mendel Art Gallery

The Mendel Art Gallery

The Mendel Art Gallery's mandate and mission include creating ways to increase public education and support of provincial and national arts and culture. Providing a comprehensive offering of exhibitions and programs, the Mendel Art Gallery is strongly committed to furtherance of the appreciation and understanding of both historical and contemporary visual arts. Furthermore, the gallery believes deeply in the importance of reaching Saskatchewan youth and thus collaborates with teachers to develop goals and activities that tie the gallery's exhibits to Saskatchewan curricula.

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Sask Learning

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s primary mandate is to advance the social, economic and personal well-being of Saskatchewan people. This undertaking is accomplished through leadership and support programs, from early childhood through pre-kindergarten to grade 12, to technical training, post secondary education and library services. In addition, Saskatchewan's Ministry of Education is strongly committed to communicating the importance of Saskatchewan and Canadian cultural heritage to students from all walks of life as evidenced by their outstanding Arts Education Visual Art Curriculum.

University of Regina

The University of Regina

The University of Regina mission statement expresses a commitment to preserving, transmitting, interpreting and enhancing the cultural, scientific and artistic heritage of humanity through the acquisition and expansion of knowledge and understanding. Dedicated to giving students an enviable learning experience and sustaining a vibrant faculty research enterprise, the University of Regina shares academic expertise with the community. In addition, two of the university’s research emphases, Informatics and Culture and Heritage, are relevant because they demonstrate the university’s commitment to innovative research in new technology as well as sustaining groundbreaking research in culture and heritage.


How does the partnership work?

The partnership’s interdependence brings online art learning to life!

The Mendel and MacKenzie Art Galleries are providing access to their significant collections of local, national and international art. They bring their technical and aesthetic experience with major artworks to influence the excellence of the final offerings of the ARTSask project. Their professional expertise is brought to bear on the development of the online extensions to learning via theme-based interactive studies.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education is internationally acknowledged as a leader in the development of K-12 Arts Education. Its work serves as a model for curriculum development in provinces across Canada and elsewhere in the world. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has influenced the development of the interactive learning activities found on the ARTSask website through the foundational objectives and Common Essential Learnings of the Saskatchewan Core Curriculum. The specialized knowledge of the team of Saskatchewan Ministry of Education consultants has been invaluable in the development of the learning activities, field testing and evaluation of the website.

The University of Regina supports the partnership through its commitment of facilities, infrastructure and the expertise of personnel designated to co-direct and provide leadership in the creation of the ARTSask project. The University of Regina website server will host the online website and ensure its maintenance.

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